Ulviyya Mahmudova Russia's renowned makeup artist soon to make her way in Bollywood

Ulviyya Mahmudova is Russian based freelance makeup artist, who has achieved a significant amount of recognition as a makeup artist. With Indian industry like Bollywood surging high and experimenting their looks according to the tough roles they portray, Ulviyya will enhance the celebrities with her expertise and craft with her hard work.

Ulviyya Mahmudova's dream to one day work in this glamorous industry is finally here with the amount of hard work she has put to be where she is. Her work will definitely be recognized.

It was since an early age she was fascinated by make-up, so her passion drove her to educate herself in make-up products and its application techniques. While growing up she has always loved the fashion industry and has always wanted to make it big with her ideas. Also, she loves sharing her ideas and welcomes feedback on her work positively.

Her experience, passion towards her craft and skill and expertise has made her gain a massive amount of praise from the people. She provides her services in Moscow and she also travels domestically as well as internationally. She provides her specialization in makeup application ranging from photoshoots to events to various occasions also she shares the expertise of her craft on various people.

Having taken inspiration from other senior makeup artist and following their footsteps to start something similar of her own, she believes this is no less of a tough step and one needs to be really passionate in order to pursue what one wants.

We hope the way Ulviyya has achieved success till now continues in Bollywood too, making her one of the sought after celebrity makes up artist.