Unbelievable reason for man's blocked nose

A Sydney man who showed up at hospital with a blockage in his nose has made a surprising discovery.

The man’s case was recently published in the British Medical Journal after he presented at Westmead Hospital in Sydney’s west.

Doctors weren’t sure whether the blockage was caused by his internal organs or by a foreign object.

Doctors weren't entirely sure what was blocking this Sydney man's right nasal cavity. Source: British Medical Journal

He sought treatment with a CAT scan and doctors found an object 1.9cm x 1.1cm lodged in his right nostril cavity, the BMJ reported.

When doctors removed it they discovered it was be a capsule containing marijuana.

The patient then remembered he had smuggled the capsule in his nose while in a correctional facility 18 years ago.

It’s been reported his girlfriend gave him the capsule and he managed to successfully smuggle it in.

However, he pushed it too far up his nasal cavity for it to be recovered.

The man believed he had swallowed the capsule.

He had forgotten about the drugs until doctors recovered them from his nose.

It’s not clear what doctors did with the marijuana once the capsule was removed.

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