The Uncanny Counter: Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s Fans Can’t Get Enough Of His Forehead

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The Uncanny Counter’s actor Jo Byung Gyu has K-Drama fans screaming “Protect him at all costs“. With his curly-haired, baby-boy visual fans are blessing him with each and every episode.

Jo Byung Gyu is a teenage high school boy whose parents have been killed by an unstoppable evil spirit and his “youthful” appearance in drama has been receiving high praise for making it all the more convincing.

In an interview on OCN‘s YouTube channel, Jo Byung Gyu showed up with his forehead.

Viewers became 200% speechless by his visual as Jo Byung Gyu came dressed as So Mun in the red tracksuit with his forehead which totally gave different vibes. Viewers cannot get enough of the actor’s mind-blowing duality.

But there was internet fiercely between what’s hotter, covered vs. revealed. Answers were both by fans.

The Uncanny Counter initially started off with a 2% viewer rating and has gained 9% viewer rating over the span of eight episodes which is the highest s the highest in the history of all OCN dramas!