The Uncanny Counter Hits A New Record

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The Uncanny Counter becomes the first OCN drama ever to hit 10% in viewer ratings.

Ratings have been steadily on the rise at the 1st episode with 2.7% viewer rating and at the 12th episode, it got 10.58% ratings. These ratings only include viewers that watched the live broadcast on OCN, not including those that stream on online platforms such as Netflix.

The drama tells the tale of 4 demon hunters, the Counters, who banish evil spirits that escape from the afterlife. These spirits possess local humans that have committed murder or have a desire to do so, encouraging their host to make the kill then consuming the spirit of the victim. Three counters pose as workers in Unni’s Noodles, a restaurant that serves as their hideout. When their fourth is killed, high school student Jo Byung Gyu’s character gets roped in and finds himself in a battle against evil spirits.

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