Unimpressive & illogical

Film: Pranaam

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Sameksha Singh, Abhimanyu Singh, Atul Kulkarni, Vikram Gokhale

Director: Sanjiv Jaiswal

Rating: * *

Johnson Thomas

Yet another vigilante film, this one tries hard to blame it on fate – but the conscripted circumstance speaks of diabolic intent rather than innocence under fire. Ajay Singh (Rajeev Khandelwal) son of a peon, had successfully cleared his IAS exams before getting embroiled in an unwitting shoot-out which has him and his band of friends, on the run.

A corrupt, opportunistic cop Rajpal Singh (Atul Kulkarni), an ambitious politician Thakur Ajitpal Singh, his aggressive son Gyanu (Abhimanyu Singh) who specialises in leaking out question papers well before exams, a coaching class (for IAS aspirants) owner, an upright incorruptible professor Thakur Tejpratap Singh (Vikram Gokhale) falsely accused of being in truck with the criminals, Ajay’s girlfriend, Manjari (Sameksha Singh) who becomes the 7th rank holder and only one from Lucknow Vishwavidyalay to make it to an IAS posting and several gang members, family members and friends turn this narrative into a hapless boiling pot of misdirected, unfettered aggression.

From IAS aspirant to gangster/vigilante is quite an unacceptable jump. Abhay’s rather hysterical, exhibitionist attachment to his father also comes across as ludicrous and Manjari’s steadfast love for her corrupted beau doesn’t make sense at all. Even the wordy allusions to Mahabharatha, likening Abhay’s circumstance to that of Parth, is way off base. Logic appears to have been butchered for pecuniary gain. Thespian performers like Vikram Gokhale and Atul Kulkarni have been wasted in thankless roles. Rajeev and the rest don’t merit any special mention!