Unique initiative! Chennai’s Egmore Museum set to let art students intern as guides

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Good news for Arts students! If you are an Arts student, there is good news for you that will enhance your practical learning. Egmore Museum in Chennai is likely to open its doors for Arts students and offer them an internship, the Hindu reported. There is a proposal with the museum administration for providing internships. If the proposal is accepted, the government museum is likely to have student volunteers, the report said. The interns are expected to in their colourful clothes, caps and badges and ready to explain the visitors about the artefacts that are kept in the museum.

Schools have already been bringing students for educational tours to Egmore museum and there are many other plans that include bringing students residing in slum areas and educating the. According to the report, these tours will start on February 29 this year. Therefore, the museum administration is reportedly in talking terms with many colleges in order to provide internships to Arts students. A senior official said that the administration plans to sign a Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with colleges and educational institutions to send students to the museum.

The report said that some colleges have shown interest and the museum is waiting for the final exams to get over for signing the final deal. According to the official, the museums have the potential to enact as a lab for students pursuing History courses just like a science student goes to an IT lab. He further said that the interested students will be offered an internship for around 15 days. Not just history, but students interested in arts, botany, anthropology and biology can also apply and the museum curators will teach them practicals. Not only teaching but the interns will also be getting t-shirts, caps and badges, the report said citing the official.

The interns will also be explained about the facets and galleries of the museum. It will also give an opportunity to the college and school students to interact. The report added that it is also likely to make an impact on a school student about the understanding of museum.

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