The university degree your star sign should study

Kerry Ward
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From Cosmopolitan UK

Whether you're going to uni for the first time or considering becoming a mature student, here's the degree course your star sign should be signing up for...

Aries - Sports Psychology

What was once all about the physical is now increasingly about the mental side of competition, but it's still all about winning which is, obvs, Aries' favourite topic. Aries are born winners, with ambition and confidence pumping in their veins, so they can learn to help others do what they find comes naturally.

Taurus - Medicine

An innate interest in all things physical, a persistence and desire to make things work, and an in-built sense of calm resilience would make most Taureans great doctors. Unflappable, patient and dedicated - the raw qualities are all already there, just add knowledge.

Gemini - Journalism

Geminis flock into journalism like moths to a flame! Getting paid to write, be nosey about anything and everything, form instant opinions and gob off in general? Crumbs, it's like heaven to them, not werk.

Cancer - Psychology

Cancerians are worldly-wise and non-judgmental, curious and caring about how others are feeling and, importantly, why that's so. Understanding the frameworks and science behind how we think and respond to the world would be endlessly fascinating to this profound and deep-thinking star sign.

Leo - Fashion Design

Leos are born with an interest in enhancing their appearance, looking good and standing out from the crowd. Actually getting paid to do this seems a ridiculously easy way to make a living, so why not gravitate to what comes naturally in life.

Virgo - Accounting

Making sense of things is what the high-powered, logical Virgo brain is made for. They enjoy precision and perfection, and no other sign would be as stupendously happy with a balanced set of books as September's child.

Libra - Law

No other star sign spends as long deliberating and weighing issues up. Libra has an inner moral compass and personal code against which all of life's events and occurrences are measured. Applying the law, as a soothing balm, to chaotic, painful and unfair scenarios would bring them deep pleasure and satisfaction.

Scorpio - Criminology

Well, it takes one to know one! Scorpios have an appetite to explore the dark and dangerous parts of society ]]>😈