How to unlock your luck

Imagine someone you know of your age, probably younger, getting all the success, prosperity, and happiness in life. They have worked hard their entire life, with dedication, diligence, and devotion. But when someone questions you about them, you call that person lucky. However, you never call yourself lucky. Why? Because, like most out there, you don’t know how luck works. Worse yet, a lot of people I have met in my practice of 25 years don’t even know what luck is. So before everything, I ask you- “What is Luck?”

Luck is a chest full of limitless potential that can help you reach the highest pedestals of success defined for you. Luck is a balance of energies that exists inside you. Luck is happiness that leads you towards your goal. You can be the hero of your story, gaining success in every field you venture into or can provide for every need that your family expresses, if luck is on your side. But the chest has a thick lock that stops most people from ever tapping into that potential. These people will never realise the true meaning of luck, unless they unleash what leads to luck.

What is luck?

The great scriptures of Vedas, based on science, were actually written accounts of modern science many millennia ago. They explain our creation, as the coming together of the five great elements, the Panchtatva. These are fire, water, air, earth, and space. These five elements have their own energy, the synchronisation of which grants us the gift of life.

The balance of these energies not only defines our life’s journey ahead but also governs it. A slight imbalance, however, causes the energies to overpower another, causing definitive traits in a person. A person with an unbalanced fire element tends to be more angry, while someone with a faulty air element tends to lack stability. Similarly imbalance of earth element can cause a brittle nature, the imbalance of water causes a person to cry more, and the imbalance of space element causes a person to be fearful and repulsive.

This imbalance of energy is what causes you to be unhappy in life, while the perfect and symmetrical balance of theses energies grants you immense success and happiness. Your luck is directly proportional to your happiness and your energies catalyse this equation, balancing it on both ends.

The science of luck

I believe that the perfect balance in your energies is the most scientific way to tap into the potential of your luck. Everything that you do during a day, whether it is the colour you choose to wear, to the food you consume, to the way you decorate your home, to the people you interact with, everything combined contributes to defining your energy in negative or positive ways.

Astrology for happiness is the simple study of the science of a person’s internal energy and how it shapes his/her life. It considers every part of our lives and creates a ripple effect of it on our energies. Eating healthy will send the energy of wholesome fulfillment through you, while eating unhealthy creates a negative impact on your body. Working your dream job with less enthusiasm or working a job that you don’t like with full dedication goes on to define who you are.

Successful people have one trait that define them the most, and it is their dedication to that one habit that keeps them ‘energetic’ throughout the day. Some wake up at the exact same time every day, others dress simply and eat simple. They channel their energy into building their luck, because they have understood that luck isn’t stationary. It is not a rock that has obstructed your way but can be moved easily with your energies.

Science tells us that energy can neither be created or destroyed, but can be transferred. By channeling your energy in the right direction you can achieve a lot in life. And that is where astrology steps in. You use meditation, devotion, and repetition to create the vibrations, as is backed by science, which in turn increase and channel your energy.

Your energies have created your physical form, and thus, a perfect balance between them creates a personality which is balanced. This personality is the foundation that you will build the rest of your life on, one which isn’t angry, unstable, brittle, emotional, or fearful. While analysis of your personality will tell you what lacks, astrology works like your trainer, giving you supplements so your body can build what it requires for balance, on its own.