'Unlucky' couple had 12 cars written off by speeding drivers crashing into them outside their home

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

An “unlucky” couple have had 12 cars written off following a staggering succession of crashes outside their home.

Maria Roberts, 46, and Steve Passey, 51, have lost tens of thousands of pounds as a result of the repeated collisions on their accident blackspot street in Worcester.


The pair moved into their semi-detached property on Tolladine Road in 2001, before losing their first car, a Rover 25, in a horror smash in 2005.

But during a 15 year period, the couple have had a further 11 vehicles wrecked as a result of speeding drivers losing control of their vehicles.

CCTV at the couple's home captured the most recent crash, which took place last Thursday (SWNS)

Just last week, the couple lost two cars in as many days when Mr Passey’s Seat Leon and Ms Roberts’ Vauxhall Mokka X were both written off.

The shocking crash was captured on CCTV cameras installed at the couple’s home. A 27-year-old man was arrested after footage showed him running away from the scene.

The couple have paid the price for several crashes after first losing their Rover 25 in 2005 (SWNS)

Warehouse manager Mr Passey said: “We are just seriously unlucky. I've never heard of anything similar. We’re the only people who have to park on the road.

“Our house is on a wide part of the road. Further up where it narrows on the bend some people’s cars have been scraped.

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"Where it opens up people put their foot down. It’s a 30 zone but people come past at 50.

“Sometimes there’s a mobile speed camera. It really needs traffic calming measures like chicanes, traffic lights or roundabouts.

The couple have lost 12 cars in 15 years (SWNS)

“Drivers just don’t care. People have a lax attitude to driving. Mobile phones, busy lives and possibly drink and drugs are to blame. Society as a whole has declined.

“It is causing us a serious amount of issues. Our insurance premiums have gone up a lot and the money you get back never covers the cost of the car.”

Tolladine Road in Worcester is an accident blackspot (SWNS)

Local Labour councillor Roger Berry said: “There’s been several near misses on Tolladine Road. It’s a matter of concern that yet another accident has occurred.

“The county council need to do something about controlling the speed of traffic. I would support any attempt of making the road safer.”