Unsolved Mysteries: Netflix teases six new cases in trailer for volume two of true-crime series

Clémence Michallon
·1-min read

The trailer for the second volume of Unsolved Mysteries has been unveiled, teasing the six new cases that will be examined when the show returns to Netflix later this month.

Netflix released the video on Thursday through a social media puzzle, tweeting: “Let’s see how sharp @Unsolved season 1 made your detective skills...”

Along with the message is an image with the words “The trailer for volume two of Unsolved Mysteries can be viewed at”, followed by a url for the video.

The clip does not reveal full details of the six cases featured in the new season, but teases them with the following key words: “tsunami spirits”, “stolen kids”, “lady in the lake”, “Washington insider murder”, “a death in Oslo”, and “death row fugitive”.

“Why is it important to find out why a person died nearly 25 years ago?” one person wonders out loud in the trailer. “People die all the time. Well, I think her family deserves to know what happened to her.”

Unsolved Mysteries, originally a television show in the US, has been rebooted by Netflix, which unveiled the first six episodes on 1 July.

The show focuses on cold cases and unexplained phenomena. Viewers who believe they have useful information can submit tips online at: unsolved.com/tips.

Unsolved Mysteries volume two will stream on 19 October.