The Upgrade of PandaWallet Opens the Channel of the World of Digital Assets

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Recently, the development team of PunkPanda, a blockchain crypto communication application focusing on privacy and security, announced that it has completed the development of cryptocurrency wallet function in PunkPanda ecosystem, and launched a digital asset wallet encrypted by PandaWallet, allowing users to store and trade cryptocurrencies such as ECC, BTC and ETH, helping professional investors to enter the future digital asset management market of tens of trillions.

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In recent years, the wide application of artificial intelligence and the innovative development of big data have prompted profound changes in the global financial ecology. Blockchain-based digital currency has become a key area of international financial competition in the 21st century, bringing an unprecedented subversive revolution to the future global payment system and international financial structure. Therefore, digital currency has received increasing attention. The monetary authorities of various countries have increased their investment in R&D in digital currency, and various forms of digital currency have gradually appeared in the world. At the same time, the digitalization of assets makes traditional investment enter the era of token investment, and the traditional investment mode gradually declines. Token investment is becoming the trend of mainstream investment circle. For example, the market value of Bitcoin has soared by trillions in 12 years, and its safe-haven property once far surpassed that of gold. Ethereum has risen against the market trend, with an increase of over 90% a year. With the rising price of cryptocurrency, the call for market-oriented investment is growing. With the technical advantages of blockchain distributed consensus and decentralized trust, PunkPanda team launched PandaWallet to encrypt digital asset wallet, realizing the close combination of communication ecology and cryptocurrency, building a fairer, decentralized and safer investment ecology, and creating more possibilities for more professional blockchain investors and entrepreneurs.

PunkPanda—Born for cybersecurity and privacy protection

PunkPanda is a multifunctional communication application developed by privacy advocates, which is designed to solve the data security and privacy protection problems in business and personal communication. PunkPanda's decentralized infrastructure enables end users to fully control information security. It can ensure that both sides of communication are the only masters of information and enjoy the leading power of information preservation, management, cutting off and destruction, so as to protect encrypted data from being cracked and leaked. In addition, the invariance and high stability of PunkPanda's decentralization can also prevent users' private keys used to decrypt and read encrypted messages from being leaked or stolen. Through PunkPanda, users can not only use end-to-end encryption technology to ensure the privacy of communication, but also store and transmit encrypted currency in a completely safe environment. At present, PunkPanda offers free downloads in Apple's App Store and Google Play store for Android devices. Every user who downloads PunkPanda Apps will not only get real private communication, but also automatically own a highly encrypted cryptocurrency wallet.

More features: PandaPostPandaVaultPandaMeetPandaWallet

In order to realize all-round private communication and transaction security, the development team expanded the application scope of PunkPanda ecosystem, so that all users' operations can be realized in PunkPanda ecosystem. While meeting the communication needs, it is also convenient for users to better manage assets in the upcoming blockchain era.

Currently, the following functions are available:

PandaChat : a super-secure, multifunctional application based on the XMPP protocol that does not sell or share anything with third parties and provides users with the highest level of control over messages and files sent through PunkPanda.

PandaPost : end-to-end encrypted email using PunkPanda's patented EMA encryption technology that allows users to send tracked and compressed emails to approximately 10% of their original size.

PandaVault: super-encrypted storage, decentralized management based on the broken glass principle, providing one-to-one key encryption services, currently in beta and coming soon.

PandaMeet: a web conference or webinar that can supply users with the highest level of privacy protection.

PandaWallet: an encrypted digital asset wallet that allows users to store and trade cryptocurrencies such as ECC, BTC and ETH. Users can obtain ECC coins by using and promoting PunkPanda and use them in the PunkPanda marketplace for buying, selling and servicing products in the future.

How will PunkPanda better assist users to quickly enter the field of digital assets?

The development team of PunkPanda revealed that the value of Punkpanda lies in the close combination of its communication ecology and cryptocurrency. In the future, it will create a new business model. To this end, they will speed up the global expansion of PunkPanda's ecological network, publicize and participate in the ECC Digital Assets Award, and create the service and product transaction channel of ECC in PunkPanda. In the future, the popularization of digital currency will accelerate the digitalization of assets and promote the further development of digital economy. The combination of instant messaging programs and the wide application of digital currency wallet PunkPanda will bring a series of brand-new business opportunities. There is reason to believe that PunkPanda will become a new communication trend in the future.

With the constant prevalence of token investment, the market scale of token investment management will reach hundreds of trillions of dollars in the next decade. Thousands of professional investors can manage their token investment products through PandaWallet. In view of the increasingly turbulent financial investment environment, the birth of PunkPanda, a blockchain-based technology that combines end-to-end crypto communication applications and decentralized digital currency wallet, just opens a fast channel for investors to enter the world of billions of digital assets.