After Urmila Matondkar's 'Not MASOOM Anymore' Amul Ad Goes Viral Anurag Kashyap Clarifies: 'This Came Out When Rangeela Released And Not Now'

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An old 1995 cartoon picture shared by Amul's Twitter handle featuring actress Urmila Matondkar has now come under fire. Why so? Well, the old caricature of Urmila is now going viral after Kangana Ranaut's remarks for Urmila started making noise. Kangana, in the recent interview, slammed the senior actress and called her a 'soft pornstar' and that she doesn't know how to act. As her statement was hitting headlines, Amul's old caricature ad surfaced online. However, netizens mistook the ad for being the recent one and slammed the dairy honcho for being 'misogynist.' They called it a 'distasteful' and 'disgusting' ad. Having said that, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap tried to clear the air and pointed out that the ad came out during the release of Rangeela. He even claimed that this ad has nothing to do with the current scenario.


Giving an explanation on his Twitter handle, he wrote, "If I am Not mistaken, this came out when “Rangeela” released and not now. And it was based on the fact that Urmila was the child actor in “Masoom.” It was meant to be an appreciation post. Now misused by trolls after the current scenario." For the unversed, the picture has a caricature of Urmila who can be seen in a red dress with a plunging neckline with a caption that read “Not MASOOM anymore?” The reference was to her 1983 film ‘Masoom’, where she essayed a significant role as a child artist and this picture was made after the success of Rangeela.


Seeing the severe backlash from the netizens, the dairy company deleted the post from their Twitter handle. Apart from Kashyap, there was another user who said that this ad is from 1995, the tweet read, "This was a Famous Hoarding of Amul in 1995 when Rangeela released. Like in 1994, it was on Raveena with - Tu Cheez badi hai Maska Mast, 1993, it was on Madhuri with - Roti Ke Neeche Kya Hai?. This has nothing to do with any Current Controversy."

Anurag Kashyap
Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap

While another one also defended and wrote, "For context, in 1995, Amul used that headline to signify that the star who featured in Masoom (the film) as a child star, is "not Masoom" anymore. It is the typical Amul-Da Cunha style wordplay and works very well within that context... in 1995." ALSO READ: Ram Gopal Varma Comes Out In Defence Of His Biggest Muse Urmila Matondar After Kangana Ranaut Called Her A 'Soft Porn Star'

Image source: Instagram/anuragkashyap10/ Twitter/ RGVzoomin

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