Is Vahbiz Dorabjee Comfortable Doing Bold Scenes In Web Shows? Actress Has THIS To Say- EXCLUSIVE

Recently, we met Vahbiz Dorabjee at a café in Juhu and we spoke several things amongst which included the advent of web shows in our country and its growing potential.

Vahbiz has an interesting web show in her kitty as she told us, “It’s a story based on social media by Anil V Kumar.” We had brought you the Full Interview on Feb 11, 2020. We reproduce it below:


Vahbiz also added that while web series have opened up more avenues for actors, it is still an ‘unstable field and the competition is tough’. When we talk about web shows, one can’t ignore the bold content in terms of nudity and usage of cuss words.

So, we asked if Vahbiz is game for it, is she comfortable to the idea of going bold on screen. Relating it to her current web show, Vahbiz replies, “My first question to Anil sir was what my role is and what is the story? And thank god, it involved none of the above. It’s been shot aesthetically. Those who do, I am not judging them but I am NOT comfortable.”

However, Vahbiz quickly added, “Never say never but I don’t relate to unnecessary exposing. It depends on how important those bold scenes are to the script. If it is, then may be but as of now I have never done any such content.”

Image Source:- instagram/vahbz

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