Valentine’s Day 2020 Unusual Offer: Dump a photograph of your ex to grab Burger King flagship Burger!

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Valentines Day 2020: Burger King steals the show with a strange combo of break-up boxes and Wrapper burger. Unlike most food chains which are ever ready to embrace happy sunshine couples with a long list of offers on their platter, Burger King on this Valentine is welcoming those whose love has turned sour. Yes, the American food chain brand is offering its flagship and sumptuous burger Wrapper in exchange for a photograph of your ex. The offer is available in major American cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston, as reported by Fox News. ‘Break-up boxes’ have been kept at designated places in these cities and people can avail a filling, ostentatious meal in lieu of an old crumpled paltry photograph of their old flame.

The strategy which defies all the set standards of incentive-based marketing has been launched in association with heavyweight Margot Robbie starrer Hollywood film ‘Birds of Prey’. The central protagonist in the film is dealing with the aftermath of her break-up with her boyfriend Joker. The film has already been released in the United States on February 7. The link between a healthy appetite and love life has been amply established in our psyche since time immemorial. Old Bollywood numbers tell the ordeal of the male protagonist who has forsaken food in the sad memory of his beloved.

Novels have led the banner in more subtle ways. Interestingly, Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things’ character Chacko who is estranged by his wife transforms from a person who used to eat like a bird into a big foodie who devours loads of delicacies in order to get a semblance of the lost happiness.

The strategy of Burger King apart from garnering eyeballs for Birds of Prey seems to be working on the same pattern of making dejected lovers re-discover the bliss of food. Apart from a photograph, people have the option of pouring their old letters, stuffed animals and prized possessions of their yesteryears also down in the break-up box. A complete detox of old memories coupled with refreshing burger awaits at the Burger King. Allaying all fears of misappropriation of the photographs in the age of data mining, the company intends to destroy all the stuffed photographs and materials after the Valentine.