Valentine’s Day surprise! German man’s grand proposal gets featured on Google Maps!

Diksha Modi
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Valentine’s Day is just here and a lot of love birds out there may be looking out for stupendous ways to surprise their better halves. Well, here’s something you can do. Grandeur proposals are so mainstream in today’s times that almost every other person is either booking a fancy banquet hall or decorating a beach or, even more, booking a cruise. However, no proposal can go down in history to be as magnificent and impressive as the one which even Google Maps takes note of.

A German man proposed to his girlfriend in the most bizarre of manners! His marriage proposal ended up getting a bigger audience than he had originally planned after it showed up in an aerial view on Google Maps. The man, identified as Steffen Schwarz, planted a field of corn in such a way that the gaps in between the crops spelt out the words ‘Willst du mich heiraten?’ meaning ‘Will you marry me?’ in German.

Schwarz, a 32-year-old part-time farmer, reportedly said that he had his girlfriend fly a drone over the field which was in central Germany’s Huettenberg area. This helluva proposal by Schwarz was made to his other half in May last year. And she said yes! Well, which woman wouldn’t? Most women, be it India or across the world, dream of a romantic proposal ever since they learn of love. And Schwarz’s girlfriend is one lucky girl.

According to reports, Schwarz had not expected the image of his proposal to appear on Google’s popular mapping service. He was surprised when an aunt of his pointed it out to him. Schwarz and his fiancee plan to get married in June this year.

Apart from Schwarz, other men across the globe including India, spend a lot of their time scrutinising ways to propose to their girlfriends in the most amazing of ways. Well boys, now you have a plan for Valentine’s 2020.