Valentines Day 2020: Healthy ways to set boundaries in your relationship

Valentines Day 2020

By Tiesta Duggal

Valentines Day 2020: Our relationships are an integral part of our life and have a great impact on all aspects of our life. As human beings, we require a sense of association to feel good and belong. Our relationships do not only impact our lives externally but are actually majorly driven by our internal state of mind and thus play a major role in how we feel about life and ourselves.

Valentine's Day 2020: Relationships are about coexisting

It is very important to understand our own selves and know who we truly are, what works for us, what does not, what are our triggers, our boundaries before we enter into a relationship because a relationship is about co-existing with someone and embracing each other's perfections and imperfections as we work together on our individual journeys!

However, we often observe that at the onset of a relationship, what we work upon is discussing things which please each other and try to keep it smooth without indicating what our expectations are, what our boundaries are, what our limitations are, thus leading to conflict once the honeymoon phase of the relationship passes.

Valentine's Day 2020: Insecurities trigger stress

As a relationship involves so much of our time and energy, if we fail to exhibit and set certain boundaries, enter the partners space to much, have our doubts, insecurities expectations and fears show up all the time, it eventually starts leading to stress and distance between the partners and also has an adverse effect on the mental health considering an average human anyway has so much stress in today's world.

Valentine's Day 2020: How to set boundaries in your relationship:

  • Be aware of your own self and expectations, shortcomings.
  • Communicate clearly and also be open to receiving their expectations and requirements
  • Discuss the things that absolutely don't work for you and your partner and be mindful of them and not trigger the other person from time and again
  • Understanding a little about their life prior to the relationship and offering them compassion and love to deal with it
  • Be clear about your expectations with each other regarding friends and families
  • Discuss your goals, visions and plans and also how you can contribute in supporting each other to reach there.
  • Expectations around time and commitment
  • Be more open and understanding considering each person is different and processes things differently.

It is very important to understand that a relationship is not a means for us to complete our own selves but a journey which must start when we fully and completely understand our own individual patterns, desires, negatives and positives so as to be able to peacefully coexist and create a life with another person.

Tiesta Duggal is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and an Internationally Certified Workshop Leader. Views expressed are the author's own.