Valentine's Week: Chocolate Day 2020- Best memes and jokes that will make you crave the sweet stuff even more

The Valentine's week has begun and the third day of the Valentine's week i.e, the Chocolate Day is finally here. It's the day when you present your boyfriend/girlfriend with the best possible treat- chocolates, because nobody can resisit these delicacies.

From picking up your partner's favourite chocolate or getting him/her a curated chocolate bouquet, you need to make sure that you are going all the way to express your love. Some even love to have chocolates cakes, chocolate muffins and other desserts with has chocolates in them.

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Chocolate Day triggered a huge meme fest on Twitter that will make you ROFL!

Here is a compilation of the best memes and jokes on Twitter and Instagram:

Valentine’s Day i.e, February 14 is the main day of love. The 3rd-century Roman Saint Valentine would never have guessed that he would be synonymous with love across the world.

There are several different hagiographies of Saint Valentine. He was punished - ostensibly by evangelising - where Emperor Cladius Gothicus took a liking to him. However, Valentinus refused to renounce his faith and was allegedly executed.

There are other versions of this story, including Valentinus signing the card ‘Your Valentine’ which has become the calling-card of modern-day Lotharios.

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