Vallabhacharya Jayanti 2021: Date, Significance and Rituals

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Vallabhacharya Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Shri Vallabhacharya, the founder of the Pushti sect in India. Shripad Vallabhacharya was a renowned scholar and is also considered one of the pioneers of the Bhakti Movement in India. He was born in Varanasi in a Telugu brahmin family in 1479 AD.

Vallabhacharya Jayanti 2021: Date

As per the Purnimanta Lunar Calendar followed in north India, it is believed that Vallabh was born on the Krishna Paksha Ekadashi in the Vaishaka month while as per the Amanta Lunar calendar, he was born on the Krishna Paksha Ekadashi in the Chaitra month.

The day also coincides with Varuthini Ekadashi. This year, the festival falls on May 7, Friday and it will mark the 542nd birth anniversary of Shri Vallabhacharya. The Ekadashi Tithi will begin at 2:10 pm on May 6 and will end at 3:31 pm on May 7.


Vallabhacharya was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. He believed Lord Krishna to be the supreme power and worshipped him in the form of Shrinath Ji. The day also marks the greatest occasion in the life of Vallabhacharya when he was visited by the Lord Krishna.

The legend has it that when Vallabhacharya was heading towards the North West region in India when he noticed a strange phenomenon near Mount Govardhan, famously associated with Lord Krishna. He saw a cow shedding milk on a particular spot on the mountain daily. One day, he thought to dig that place and later found the Lord’s idol. It is said that Krishna appeared before him and hugged him for his dedication. From that day onwards, the followers of the sect started worshipping the juvenile image of Lord Krishna or Bala Krishna with great devotion.


The festival is celebrated with great fervour by people across the nation, especially in parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. People observe fasts, decorate the temples, give holy bath or Abhishekam to the idol of Lord Krishna, chant mantras, offer prayers and hold yajnas on this auspicious occasion. Grand parades with the deity’s idol placed on chariots are also organised on this day.

People take this festival to preach and spread the teachings of Vallabhacharya to the devotees. Complete veneration of Lord Krishna is the only way to attain Moksha is one of the principles of the scholar Vallabhacharya.

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