Vanitha Vijaykumar And Kasthuri Shankar Engage In A Twitter War!

Sruthi Hemachandran
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Vanitha Vijaykumar's recent wedding with Peter Paul has given rise to quite a lot of controversies. The actress was severely criticized by a few celebrities and netizens for marrying the filmmaker, alleging that he has not divorced his first wife Elizabeth Helen.

Well now, actress Kasthuri Shankar has extended financial support to Elizabeth which has evidently irked Vanitha, who took to her social media handle to criticize the duo. The Manikkam actress wrote that Kasthuri has no life and asked Elizabeth Helen as to why she needs a husband who she alleges is a drunkard and a womanizer.

Kasthuri Shankar retorted to her tweet as she wrote that she is not the one stealing other's spouses and re-enacting teenage wedding dreams at the age of 40. Kasthuri tweeted, "Don't assume that I have no life just because I do not sell it on YouTube. I am not the one stealing other people's spouses and reenacting teenage wedding dreams at forty. And yes, I will support her in every way, most importantly, LEGALLY."(sic)

Soon the verbal feud between the two actresses turned into a Twitter war as they pulled Lakshmy Ramakrishnan into the matter. Vanitha had called Lakshmy a fake phony judge of her television show. Kasthuri replied that the actress should be arrested as she is guilty of cyber abuse, attacking the modesty of a woman and defaming Lakshmy.

Further, Vanitha tweeted that she is blocking Kasthuri from her life and Twitter as the latter is only capable of being a comedy piece. Vanitha also said though she is divorced twice she is not degrading or embarrassing her former husbands to get sympathy. Talking about the petition filed by Elizabeth Helen, the Ex-Bigg Boss contestant tweeted, "Once family court opens she will go away getting exactly what she is waiting for nothing can he done...its not a case for getting justice..its not a murder or rape people..dont u get it wether u like it or not Peter paul and I are in love and are in a future together."(sic)

It is to be noted that Vanitha recently filed a case against Surya Devi and producer Ravinder, alleging that the duo tarnished her image by abusing and spreading misinformation on social media.

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