Vastu Shastra – A Complete Guide To Have Peace In The Bedroom


Vastu Shastra encapsulates the positive forces which flow in a given space. The science behind Vastu Shastra, when implemented in our bedroom, enables us to get rejuvenated after a hard day at work. We spend the maximum time in our bedrooms. So, it is important that we fill it with only positivity. This can be achieved by using Vastu tips for the bedroom.

A bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house. It makes the house turn into a home. A bedroom is a place to create memories, dream and spend some private cozy moments too. This room needs special attention and special Vastu Tips that will help in inviting positive energy from every corner. The Vastu Shastra has many Vastu tips for the bedroom in the house. Vastu Tips are also about the way one should sleep and place the bed.

Follow Vastu Tips for your Bedroom

Do you often feel restless or sleepless at night? Do you feel commotion in your mind, just while lying on your bed? If your answer is Yes, then you should check the below given Vastu Tips for the bedroom.

  • Plan your master bedroom in the Southwest part of the house as it represents the element Earth and makes it the ideal place to find peace.
  • While sleeping your head should be towards South, East or West but never in the north.
  • Any beam crossing over the bed should be rectified as it has adverse effects on the health.
  • Place almirah on the South or west wall.
  • Only wooden beds are advised by Vastu Shastra. Avoid wrought iron or other material for making a bed.

Vastu says – “Avoid these things in bedroom”

  • Avoid keeping a mirror in front of the bed.
  • Beds with irregular shapes should be avoided.
  • The bed should not face the room’s door.
  • Two separate mattresses for a double bed should not be used.
  • The door should not be creaky.

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Get rid of…..

  • You should never keep your cell phone in the bedroom.
  • The television set should not be placed in the bedroom.
  • No food items should be kept in your bedroom.
  • Avoid keeping laptop/desktop there.
  • Untrained pets should not be in your bedroom
  • Used clothes or dirty laundry should not be cluttered in the bedroom.
  • Dirty or low-quality pillow and mattress should not be kept in the bedroom.
  • The bright colors of walls and extreme temperatures of AC should be avoided.
  • Pictures of violent animals and fight scenes should not be displayed in the bedroom.
  • Avoid keeping idols and pictures of God in the bedroom.

Can we have pets in the bedroom?

Pets can be your best friend. But if not maintained properly, they can be a carrier of germs that can badly affect your health. But if your pet is well-groomed and trained it can make you feel safe. So, you can have your pet in the bedroom. Vastu advises that if one wishes to have a pet in the bedroom, then make a separate bed for it rather than sharing the space on your bed.


It’s not important to own a big house with four bedrooms. Rather, it makes sense if we own a small house and design it with the help of Vastu Tips. A bedroom should be designed to give us joy, pleasure, and relaxation. After a tiring day, we should be able to unwind in peace as if in heaven, in the bedroom. Everything around us has some energy associated with it. So, we should be very careful while choosing items for the bedroom. We should avoid the things that are not advised by Vastu Shastra. There are also many inauspicious things that should also be avoided in the bedroom.

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Our one wrong decision can hinder our peaceful sleep and harmonious relation with our family. Always follow the Vastu tips to enhance positivity, love, and prosperity in and around your abode.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The Team