Vegetable rates have come down suddenly, here is the list

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

Good news for all the netizens. The supply of vegetables and fruits has increased in the APMC market of Vashi, Navi Mumbai. As a result of which, vegetable prices have reduced suddenly. According to reports, the rates of vegetables come down due to vegetables are not being exported at present.

On the other hand, the supply of vegetable increases in winter each year. As a result, the market prices of wholesale veggies have come down. Till now, around 600 vegetable carts have arrived in the market.

Here is the reduced price of vegetables:

Cabbage: Rs 6 per kg

Flower: Rs 8 per kg

Cucumber: Rs. 8 Per kg

Pumpkin: Rs. 10 Per kg

Suran: Rs. 10 Per kg

Snake gourd: Rs. 12 Per kg

Brinjal: Rs. 15 Per kg

Tomatoes: Rs 15 per kg

French beans: Rs. 25 Per kg

Carley: Rs. 22 Per kg

Ladies finger: Rs. 20 Per kg

Green peas: Rs. 20 Per kg

Green beans: Rs. 20 Per kg

In the next few days, customers will get most of the vegetables at lower prices. This has bought a sigh of relief among the sellers and the customers too.