Velocity Sellers Helps Amazon Sellers Achieve Success

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Before the pandemic, the world was already in the throes of a decisive shift to online shopping and selling. Since March, the added isolation and restrictions created by COVID-19 have taken eCommerce sales to even greater heights.

In an article from Digital 360, online sales for September increased 43-percent from last year, just over August’s 42-percent increase from 2019. According to Adobe Analytics, September’s increase equates to 60.4 billion in sales. These are staggering numbers, and if you own a business, you’ve probably already begun your pivot to online sales.

However, selling online is a whole different ballgame. Even seasoned veterans sometimes scratch their heads, wondering what to do. If you are selling or thinking about selling online, Velocity Sellers can offer the assistance you need.

Velocity Sellers has been consistently growing its clients since 2016, with over 25 years in the marketing and eCommerce space. They specialize in helping clients grow their Amazon and Marketplace businesses with the methods that best suit their needs. Selling through online giants can be a scary venture if you don’t have some experience. However, taking that leap can make all the difference in the world for your sales.

The Amazon climate and requirements can be quite intimidating to a newcomer. Velocity Sellers is confident they can make your online presence one that gets noticed. How can they be so sure? Nathan Schwarzbaum, CEO, and his business partners have gathered a group of experienced experts with a wealth of knowledge surrounding the Amazon platform and other online marketplaces. Their reputation speaks for itself and reflects positive client results because many on the team are former, successful Amazon sellers. As experts in the field, Velocity Sellers implements proven procedures that frequently produce double-digit growth within the first six months.

You might be wondering what specific services Velocity Sellers offers. While their reach is vast, and a comprehensive explanation of services is on their website, the following are a few essential components all successful online stores need.

  1. Velocity Sellers provides your brand with crucial SEO, product titles, and bullet points containing keywords that will drive more customers to your products.

  2. They can also create a personalized account management service that suits your brand.

  3. Velocity Sellers can manage retail price points and ensure your pricing represents your brand quality.

  4. They provide logistical expertise that extends across a range from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Vendor Central, and Third-Party Fulfillment (3PL). These options help you determine the right logistical solution to ensure your business doesn’t skip a beat from product ordering to proper fulfillment.

  5. They can provide an inventory management system that ensures your products are available.

These are just a few of many services offered to drive your sales and ensure your online selling venture is successful.

Velocity Sellers knows Amazon is not the only online sales platform, and they are versed in helping you explore other marketplaces with more opportunities to promote your brand. Selling on multiple platforms increases sales and grows your business, and Velocity Sellers can help make this process an organized, profitable business venture.

Schwarzbaum and his team are also versed in global selling. If this expansion level is your goal, but you have no idea how to get there, Velocity Sellers can assist. They have experts in global selling who can help you navigate Amazon Global like a pro and push your sales to the next level.

In today’s ever-changing times, it might seem too challenging to make a huge shift in business platforms. However, with eCommerce sales continuing to climb at a break-neck speed, now is the time to create an online presence. With Velocity Sellers, you don’t have to assume this massive undertaking alone.

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