‘Vibez’ Official Video: Zayn Malik Creates Chill ‘Vibes’ With Stimulating Undertones, Adding Beautiful Transitions!

Ruchita Ushakola
·1-min read

After much-waiting for missing Zayn Malik’s new songs, now finally here it is! Yesterday audio, today its official video titled ‘Vibez’ which is giving all chill vibes with its lyrics, music and of course the whole video.

After Better music video, the better continues with Vibez. Do whatever Zayn can be loved anyway, don’t know what he carries within. His charm, style, presentation with all uniqueness, is all to never regret for. Same goes with this latest video, finds the star leading a one-man show, transitioning through various theatrical sets and environments. Eventually, he ends up watching the performance from an audience perspective.

Zayn’s last album came in 2018 and now after 2 years of waiting his whole third album Nobody is Listening is going to release on January 15. The list of songs carries with titles as, 1. Calamity, 2. Better, 3. Outside, 4. Vibez, 5. When Love’s Around (feat. Syd), 6. Connexion, 7. Sweat, 8. Unf**kwitable, 9. Windowsill (feat. Devlin), 10. Tightrope and 11. River Road.

By reading other titles of the album’s list, seems it to be all loving vibes coming in! Gigi Hadid wife of the 27 year-old singer, will surely fall in love with this can already assume her reaction though of his fans too!

Check out the new song to feel ‘Vibez’: