Vicky Pattison admits she fears no one will ever love her

Vicky Pattison attends the VIP Party with Stacey Solomon as she celebrates the launch of her new collection with Primark on October 10, 2018

Reality TV star Vicky Pattison has opened up about her tumultuous love life, admitting she’s worried no will ever truly love her for who she is.

She made the revelations while appearing on White Wine Question Time. “I've had a really tempestuous love life and it's been well documented,” Vicky told podcast host Kate Thornton.

“Everyone knows about it. I'm dead candid. There's no secrets there. But the last one was meant to be The One, and I made no secret of that neither.”

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“I am incredibly insecure that no one will ever love me for me. That I have bounced from one terrible decision to the next in terms of my love life and the only common denominator has been that these people just absolutely did not care about me as a person.”

Vicky’s last relationship to John Noble, whom she first dated aged 23 just before she joined Geordie Shore, ended when she discovered he had cheated on her. The heartbreak hit her hard as the pair were due to get married.

Vicky Pattison and John Noble arrive for the TV Choice Awards at The Dorchester on September 4, 2017

“It was sort of assumed amongst my group of friends that the hard times were over,” the reality TV star said. “That I'd met the right one and the heartbreak and the tears and everything were finished.”

Appearing alongside Vicky on the podcast was her best friend DJ Gavin Foord, who said Vicky’s exes all “merged into one big idiot” in his head.

“They all used to be big morons,” he laughed. “The most confident person, telling jokes, being funny. There was definitely a type until Ercan, the new one.”

Vicky agreed with her best mate’s analysis. “I went for Alpha male d*ckheads,” she told Kate.

“They definitely held similar qualities. I've tried to break the mould with my current boyfriend and it's going swimmingly so far.”

Vicky Pattison and best mate DJ Gavin Foord appear on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time, hosted by Kate Thornton

The Masterchef finalist revealed that having her heart broken so many times has made her doubt her judgement. Revealing that she’s never been a very good judge of character, Vicky said the only man she trusts is her mate Gavin.

“So many times I meet people and I just think they're being nice to me,” she explained. “Everyone else around me can see I'm making a huge mistake – whether it's in a friendship capacity or whether it's more romantic – but I just can't see it because I take people at face value and I have never had an ulterior motive in my life. I'm just exactly what you see.”

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The reality TV star, who has a new show Vicky Pattison: No Filter on Quest Red, said Gavin gave her some great advice after her last relationship failed. “It was around Christmas this year and me and him were sitting there and he was just like 'Please do not move into anything too fast with anyone else because I can't trust anyone else.'”

Asked by podcast host Kate whether she had taken his advice, Vicky laughed: “I've took things slightly slower this year – not by like anyone else's sort of standards, but by my standards, I've gone slow. I'm not engaged!”

Hear Vicky and her mate Gavin chat about why their career is so important, how children have ruined friendships and why they they both try and channel Leonardo DiCaprio on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time. Listen on iTunes and Spotify.