Video: Ayushmann Khurrana has a very important message against toxic masculinity

Ayushmann Khurrana has changed the stereotypical mind-set of what it takes to be a Bollywood hero. In all his films, he has challenged the general societal notions of masculinity. Recently, the Dream Girl actor delivered a thought provoking speech on what a perfect man is and we can only admire him for his work.

Ayushmann, while representing a men's grooming company called the Man Company, shared a three-minute video on the social media, where he picked up some common stereotypes associated with masculinity and crushed them.

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In the video titled, ‘What makes a true gentleman’ Ayushmann talks about how to keep the gentleman in oneself alive. He gave references from his own life, saying that he does not want to be a macho man who never sheds a tear, saying "Mujhe na hero, na saviour, na superman banna tha. Jo ro sake, jo ga sake. Kisi ko bacha paye to bacha sake, aisa man banna tha.”

The father of two kids, he also teaches his son that though there are beautiful differences between boys and girls but differentiating between them is the biggest sin.

Ayushmann has always remained true to his work and it shows with all his movies and this particular speech. He only asked for one favor to everyone, i.e. to remain true to oneself, as that is the best quality of a man.

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