VIDEO: Pristine beaches you want to escape to (in India)

The Xennial
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Few things are as calming as sitting on a beach and listening to the waves crash on the land. Sure, some of us prefer the hills. But for those of us who love staring at the point where the sea meets the sky, beaches are where we’re most at home.

With restrictions still in place in several states, it isn’t always possible to make your way to a beach right away. But why should that stop us from dreaming right?

And so here are some pristine beaches where you’d likely want to escape to, the pandemic notwithstanding.

Peaceful, disconnected, and yet to be overrun by tourists, Tarkarli is perhaps Maharashtra’s most underrated beaches. And when you’re done with the beach, visit the Sindhudurg Fort.

White sands, stunning sunsets and the calming everyday activity of local fishermen of Marari Beach, transport you to another world where life is simple and slow

Gorai is perhaps one of the least appreciated beaches in Mumbai. Set against the backdrop of picturesque villages with churches, Gorai is the closest you can get to Goa while still being in Mumbai.

Agonda is almost at the southernmost tip of Goa, leaving it relatively unexplored. The village surrounding the beach is a sleepy hamlet making it particularly enticing to get away to.

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