This video of Welspun’s CEO dancing with employees is going viral

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Grooving to 'Muqabla' from Street Dancer 3D, the CEO was seen dancing with employees on the office floor.

There's an image of how the CEO of a company is expected to behave, which might explain why a video of Welspun India's CEO Dipali Goenka dancing with employees in an office is going viral. The viral video shows Goenka, who is CEO and Joint Managing Director, dancing to the song 'Muqabla' from the film Street Dancer 3D, that was performed by Prabhudeva in the film.

In the undated video that is shot in an office, Goenka is seen dancing between cubicles even as fellow employees cheer and join her to perform the song's hook step.

Watch the video here:

Many on Twitter praised the CEO for helping make the office work environment better. Some said that the celebration was probably over the company's share price soaring or achieving targets.

As the video went viral, the businesswoman thanked everyone for their love and appreciation. She also tagged other CEOs to share glimpse from their working environments. "Hi @anandmahindra, @gautam_adani, @kiranshaw this is my #WorkPlaceHappy. What’s yours?" she wrote in a tweet.

Goenka isn't the only dancing CEO to have taken social media by storm of late. Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk went viral after showing off some quirky dance moves in Shanghai during a company event.