Clashes in Egypt as key opposition group rallies

AFPMaktoob7 April 2013


CAIRO, 6 April 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV

- VAR police firing tear gas at protesters, protesters throwing stones at police

- Night shot of the demonstration of 6th of April outside the general prosecutor office (High court)

SOUNDBITE 1 Ahmed Osama (man) 6th of April activist (Arabic, 26 sec):

"The policy of 6th of April in the next phase is to try to achieve agreement on a peaceful solution to end the crisis that the country and the people are going through. We need to achieve a dialogue that includes changes in the cabinet, a change of the general prosecutor, we must push for that. Also we need to achieve a fair parliamentary law for everyone and a true national agreement on power-sharing."

- VAR rally of 6th of April movement from Mostafa Mahmoud square heading to general prosecutor office (High court)

SOUNDBITE 2 Imam (man) 6th of April activist (Arabic, 26sec):

"Unfortunately the Egyptian people reproach us for supporting Morsi, but Mohamed Morsi let down everyone and he didn’t do anything, even the 100 days promises he didn’t achieve; the next goal of 6th of April is to continue to try to bring him down, because unfortunately, he hasn't done anything and he's not going to do anything."

- VAR demonstration of 6th of April outside the general prosecutor office (High court)

- VAR night shots of the demonstration of 6th of April outside the general prosecutor office (High court)





Egypt police fire tear gas at Cairo protesters


ATTENTION - UPDATES with police fire tear gas at protesters ///

CAIRO, April 6, 2013 (AFP) - Police fired tear gas at protesters outside a Cairo court on Saturday, as several thousand people rallied in Egyptian cities to mark the founding of a key activist group opposed to President Mohamed Morsi.

Witnesses said police fired tear gas at protesters outside the Superior Court building, which also houses the offices of the state prosecutor, who has opened several investigations into opposition figures.

Live television showed clouds of tear gas rising from the court in central Cairo.

Supporters of the April 6 group also held rallies in the Nile Delta industrial town of Mahalla, where a labour strike turned into deadly clashes with police five years ago.

The Mahalla clashes on April 6, 2008 marked an escalation in the burgeoning protest movement against long-time strongman Hosni Mubarak, eventually overthrown in an early 2011 popular uprising.

Activists with the group also rallied in the coastal city of Alexandria.

Hailed as heroes in the aftermath of Mubarak's overthrow, the youth-led group, which splintered into two factions, clashed with the military that ruled Egypt between Mubarak's ouster and Morsi's election in June.

The group is now part of a coalition of secular-leaning movements that have organised sometimes violent protests against the Islamist Morsi, whom they accuse of mimicking Mubarak's practices.


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