French photographer makes it big in Berlin

AFPMaktoob20 April 2013


Berlin is no stranger to street art but perhaps nothing on this scale.

These giant portraits are the work of JR, a French photographer and artist.

After Los Angeles, Shanghai and Cuba, JR and his team are in the german capital on the latest leg of his "Wrinkles of the City" project.

The idea is to take portraits or silhouettes of old men and women and paste them onto Berlin buildings which in some cases are only a bit younger than the subjects themselves.

SOUNDBITE 1- JR (man, in French, sec)

"I work in cities with a powerful history and walls that have talking wrinkles, like here, as well... And I photograph elderly people who have lived all this history, of which the wrinkles on the walls speak and tell a story, their story. It's all these little stories which make the big story, with a capital S."

About 10 buildings have already been covered.

Here near Alexanderplatz, JR and the rest of the gang are finishing off one of the last ones: a portrait of an old man.

It's painstaking work and because the area being covered is some 400 square metres in area it takes two days to finish - not that that bothers the team..

SOUNDBITE 2 - Alesh (man, in English, sec)

"I like to joke with the crew, it's like family, good energy, good team. We met new people, new culture…"

In all JR plans to work on around 20 buildings. As for how long the photos will stay up - it's impossible to say. The buildings' owners and perhaps the Berlin weather will ultimately decide.





(Source: AFPTV)


-VAR of a photograph posted on a building on a railway in the train station of Warschauer Strasse

- VAR of a photograph posted on a building in Warschauer Strasse

- VAR a photograph posted on a building in Mitte


- VAR photo in Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin TV tower in background



- Building works

- VAR JR's team at work


- VAR JR's team at work

- JR

- VAR of a photograph posted on a building in an old factory in Humboldthain

-Photo of a giant hand

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