Horses brave the flames in Spain for ancient tradition

AFPMaktoob17 January 2013



- VAR of horses jumping the flames

SOUNDBITE 1 Anibal Martinez (man), native of San Bartolome de Pinares (Spanish, 12 sec):

"This festival is a pagan tradition. The animals are blessed with the smoke and fire, they are purified for the entire year, so they don't get sick and nothing bad happens to them."

[Spanish: "Pues la fiesta consiste… es una tradición realmente pagana, que es, con el humo y el fuego, la bendición de los animales para que estén purificados durante todo el ano, para que no tengan males ni enfermedades ni nada."]

SOUNDBITE 2 Alfonso de Francisco (man), horse rider (Spanish, 9 sec):

"It's a traditional festival, a ritual we all have to go through. But, of course, we don't let the fire burn any of the horses, we never want anything to burn them."

[Spainish: "Es una fiesta tradicional, es una cosa que nos pasamos por aquí, hacemos el fuego pero vamos, no quemamos ningún caballo, como comprenderás, no queremos ninguno quemar nada."]

- VAR of horses jumping the flames


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