Julio Cesar warning for Brazil over Uruguay threat



SOUNDBITE 1 Julio Cesar (man), goalkeeper (Portuguese, 36 sec):

"There are no favorites. Even though we're playing at home, Uruguay is a South American team that knows Brazilian football very well. So I don't think there is a favorite for this match. As for Spain, with all due respect to them, they play wonderful football that enchants the whole world, but football is a game of 11 players against 11, and Spain is facing Italy, which is another team that must be respected because of their four world titles. This is why I can't say I see Spain as a finalist right now."

SOUNDBITE 2 Julio Cesar (man), goalkeeper (Portuguese, 20 sec):

"We'll really have to be very careful because Uruguay has a very strong attack. Last year, Luiz Soares [Liverpool striker] was considered if not the best player, at least one of the best players in the Premier League. And Cavani [Edinson] is a consistent player in Italian football and is pursued by many clubs in Europe."

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Football: Julio Cesar warning for Brazil over Uruguay threat


BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil, June 24, 2013 (AFP) - Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar on Monday warned the host nation they must beware Uruguay ahead of Wednesday's Confederations Cup semi-final in Belo Horizonte.

Uruguay have shown some mediocre recent form in World Cup qualifying but the 2011 South American champions have found their form with wins in Brazil over Nigeria and thrashing minnows Tahiti.

Moreover, Julio Cesar points out that in Edinson Cavani, Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez the Uruguayans have no shortage of firepower.

"They are very strong in attack and can decide a game on their own," the shot-stopper said.

"I know them all well and we shall have to beware. The tiniest thing can decide a match," added Cesar, who faces the prospect of playing second tier English football next season after being relegated with Queens Park Rangers.

Brazil, starting to come to the boil under 2002 World Cup handler Luiz Felipe Scolari, waltzed through their group with wins over Japan, Mexico and Italy but Uruguay had to regroup after losing their first match against world champions Spain, who will face Italy in the other semi-final.

"Nobody is favourite. They will be confident as they won the Copa America in 2011," said Julio Cesar.

The four semi-finalists have won 12 World Cups between them - a record five for Brazil, four for Italy, two for the Uruguayans, including a 1950 success at the Maracana over Brazil, and one for Spain.