Maxima, the Argentine princess




SOUNDBITE 1, Beatriz Lavanca (woman) florist (Spanish, 9 sec)

"She's lovely and we're really happy, really happy. Really, with the Pope and now Maxima, it's awesome"

[In Spanish: Es divina y estamos muy contentos, muy contentos. La verdad que bueno con lo del papa y Maxima ya es bárbaro.]

SOUNDBITE 2, Rolo, newspaper seller (Spanish, 15 sec)

"Whether she's Argentine or not, she's the queen of another country. It doesn't benefit us in any way so why should we feel proud. We can feel proud of people who do things for our country"

[In Spanish: Que sea Argentina o que no sea Argentina, es la reina de otro pais. Aca no se en que nos podemos ver beneficiados y sentir orgullosos. Nos podremos sentir orgullosos por alguna persona que haga algo para nuestro pais.]

SOUNDBITE 3, Gonzalo Alvarez Guerrero, journalist (Spanish, 13 sec)

"The Queen consort of the Netherlands is the daughter of a very high ranking official of one of the most violent and terrible dictatorships in the history of South America"

SOUNDBITE 4, Gonzalo Alvarez Guerrero, journalist (Spanish, 17 sec)

"She's necessary for the monarchy, like Kate is in England or Leticia in Spain. They're ordinary people who bring fresh air into monarchies that looked old-fashioned and closed-up"

-VAR of newspaper stalls selling magazines with Maxima on the front

-VAR of pedestrian streets in central Buenos Aires

-Gonzalo Guerrero reading his book

-CU of book "Maxima, a true story"

-CU of photos of magazines of Maxima