Off the coast of Gabon visitors discover whale watching paradise

AFPMaktoob5 September 2013


It's the mating season for humpback whales off the coast of Gabon.

And the huge mammals also have a number of human admirers

SOUNDBITE 1 Julia (woman) tourist (French, secs):

"It was really great - you really can't imagine what it's like before coming here - leaps, backflips really spectacular things. At one point they came right alongside us. We were a bit scared but you have to deal with it - anyway, at that point you think either make the most of it, or we capsize!"

In his small boat, Arnaud has been getting up close to the whales for twenty-five years.

Groups of female whales are ever more numerous during the mating season and authorities say the increase is due to a drop in the number of fishing boats.

SOUNDBITE 2 Koumba Kombila (man) Head of Fishing, National Parks Agency (French, 12 secs):

"This year we've enforced restrictions on fishing and respecting fishing levels - So activity near the coasts is less intensive this year."

Gabon's tourism industry is still lacking in infrastructure - with just two ships offering these whale-watching cruises.

This makes for an even more memorable experience, for those lucky enough to get on board one of the ships.



Libreville and the surroundings, 12/ 21 August

(Source : AFPTV)

-MS of a whale jumping from the sea

-MS of whales under the water

-MS of skipper and three passengers


-MS of a boat

-VAR of whales jumping from the sea/underwater


-VAR of whales and a passenger taking photos

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