'Pistol-packing ladies' take aim


NAT SOUND guns being fired

It's Ladies Night at this Virginia shooting range -- Pistol-Packing Ladies, that is.

NATSOUND Teresa and student

Teresa started the women's group over a year ago.

A former Marine, she wanted to empower women by teaching them how to safely handle a gun.

SOUNDBITE 1 Teresa Ovalle (woman), Founder, Pistol Packing Ladies (English, 17 sec):

"When they first come in to try shooting, they're a little bit nervous, some of them are a little scared and maybe never picked up a gun before, but once they feel and understand the power of the gun and that it's fun to shoot, I think it gives them confidence they can now take care of themselves in a different manner."

And taking care of themselves is the ultimate goal.

Surveys show nearly a quarter of women in the United States owned a gun in 2011 -- a 10-point increase from 2005.

For group members like Sharon, it's not just about breaking down barriers -- it's claiming a constitutional right.

SOUNDBITE 2 Sharon Schaefer (woman), first-time shooter (English, 11 sec):

"I don't want anyone telling me I can't have something that I'm really entitled to have. // As long as they're used right, they're not dangerous."

First-time shooters begin their session with a 40-minute safety briefing before moving on to the range.

It's a talk Teresa has given countless times, but says can't be stressed enough.

SOUNDBITE 3 Teresa Ovalle (woman), Founder, Pistol Packing Ladies (English, 9 sec):

"If you own a gun, you need to train with that gun and be safe with your gun so you don't hurt yourself or others -- that's the point."

The US has been caught up in a fierce battle over gun control since the Newtown massacre last year that left 20 young children and six adults dead.

But so far, attempts to make gun laws stricter have failed.

Like most gun owners, these women approve of some reform – but still defend their right to bear arms.

SOUNDBITE 4 Teresa Ovalle (woman), Founder, Pistol Packing Ladies (English, 11 sec):

"The debate isn't how to keep a gun out of a good person's hands -- the debate is how to keep a gun out of a bad person's hands, and I think that's what we need to change the focus to."

As the debate rages on, the Pistol-Packing Ladies say they'll continue their firing tradition at this range -- and prove women can hit the bullseye, too.




- rack focus from target to gun as a group member shoots

- VAR of Teresa instructing Sharon

- CU of a gun being fired

SOUNDBITE 1 Teresa Ovalle

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- pan of Teresa's business partner with a gun

- shot of Sharon during the safety briefing

SOUNDBITE 2 Sharon Schaefer

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SOUNDBITE 3 Teresa Ovalle

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SOUNDBITE 4 Teresa Ovalle

- VAR of Teresa shooting

- Teresa pointing at her perfectly shot target