'Stalingrad': Russian film goes 3D



This was the scene in St Petersburg last Summer - a faithful recreation of one of the twentieth century's bloodiest battles.

To coincide with the seventieth anniversary of the end of the battle of Stalingrad in February 1943, the Russian director Fyodor Bondarchuk has created a love story set amid the bitter fight to the death between Nazi and Soviet armies.

SOUNDBITE 1 - Fiodor Bondartchouk, Director (Russian, 15 seconds):

"(The battle of Stalingrad) is a moment of maximum tension, the story is extremely dramatic and expressive. It is a story of the relationships between a women and five men who find themselves stuck in the same building.”

The six-month battle cost the lives of some 2 million people.

Thomas Kretschmann, who found fame playing a German soldier in Roman Polanski’s the Pianist, has been cast once more as a German officer – one who falls in love with a Russian woman.

The production is one of the most ambitious Russian films to date, with a cast of thousands and the Kremlin meeting some of the 30 million-dollar cost.

It's also the first to be shot in 3D.

SOUNDBITE 2 - Matthew R. Blute, American 3D filmaker (English, 22 seconds):

"I think it's something that people haven't seen in 3D before. We've seen big action movies but… The important part of the story is the connection between these people. And I think the 3D adds to that because we really see how they interact and we can connect more closely with the emotions that they are going through."

The film is slated for release in Russia in October, and its producer hopes it might then reach a wider audience.

SOUNDBITE 3 - Alexandre Rodnianski, Film producer (English, 24 seconds):

“Our idea is to work closely with some international distributors who are very keen to explore the possibilities provided by the very unusual Russian movie produced in IMAX and 3D technology."

The popularity of Russian film has fluctuated over the years but with Stalingrad, a love story set in the second world war’s most deadly battle, the producers believe they have all the ingredients of a blockbuster.




KOLPINO, RUSSIA, 25 JULY 2012. (Source: AFPTV)

- VAR film set

- VAR building

- Car covered in ash

- Actors and extras

- burnt-out plane

- Swastika on plane fuselage

- VAR Fiodor Bondartchouk

- Building


- Thomas Kretschmann

- VAR film set

- 3D studio


- VAT Technicians

- VAR Alexandre Rodnianski


- Lighting crane

- Lights

- Technician

- Window

- VAR crew