Swapnanchya Palikadale - 30.Oct.2012

Starpravah30 October 2012

Nana becomes furious at Shreyas and refuses to vacate the plot. Yashwant becomes furious at Anvita for kidnapping Shalini and asks Shreyas and Mayuresh to search for her. Later, Vaidehi asks Shreyas and Mayuresh to tape Anvita's phone calls. Vaidehi asks Shreyas and Mayuresh to get rid of Nana and his men from their plot. Shreyas vacates the land with the help of the media. Vaidehi requests Anvita not to harm Shalini. Shreyas and Mayuresh trace the phone call and reach Anvita's hideout.

Growth in Asia?

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Cher Fans Mourning

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