Vidya Balan dedicates 'Main Sherni' to 'all queens out there'

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Vidya Balan dedicates
Vidya Balan dedicates

15 Jun 2021: Vidya Balan dedicates 'Main Sherni' to 'all queens out there'

Vidya Balan is ready to return with a bang via the Amazon Prime Video movie Sherni, releasing on June 18. Ahead of its release, the makers dropped a new song, Main Sherni, dedicated to the resilience, power, and tenacity of women. While the trailer hinted Sherni will deal with topics of sexism and misogyny, the song takes the point forward. Here's our review.

Song: 'Even in the dense jungle, 'Sherni' knows her way': Message

Balan appears as herself in the music video and not as her character of a forest officer from the movie. Joining her are the singers -- AKASA and Raftaar, along with several women from various walks of life. Raghav penned the lyrics and the music is given by Utkarsh Dhotekar. The message is clear: "Even in the dense jungle, a Sherni knows her way."

Empowerment: It celebrates the daily struggle of every woman

Be it being the first Indian woman on the F4 international podium or a doctor-intern who is also a content creator, the video shows women have achieved it all and done so while fighting societal prejudice. The lyrics "ladenge, bhirenge, girenge, uthenge yeh dedi humne khud ko zubaan (we've promised ourselves to fight head-on, fall and rise again)" speaks to every woman's daily struggle.

Role: 'Vidya Vincent is different from strong women I've played before'

Understandably, the song Main Sherni largely reflects the struggle of Vidya Vincent, the female forest officer at the center of the movie Sherni. But Balan clarified that Vincent is "very different" from the strong women roles she has essayed before. "Vincent is different because she is a quiet doer. She would rather go unnoticed and be left alone to do her job."

Conclusion: 'Main Sherni' successfully serves as theme song for the movie

The song Main Sherni serves to be a great promotional theme for the upcoming movie. It highlights the movie's aspirations of saluting every woman, even if she is not in the public sphere, even if her character is not to step into the limelight. Balan rightly said, "There are various shades, reflections of sherni that each of us represents." Verdict: 4/5 bytes.

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