Vidyut Jammwal Joins in on the Bernie Sanders Meme Brigade Like This

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The inauguration of new American President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was special for a number of reasons. But one of the reasons the ceremony is going viral on social media is because of former Presidential candidate Bernie Sander’s memes from the occasion. While the top brass arrived dressed in their most fashionable attires, Bernie graced the event dressed in a thick mud-coloured coat and striped mittens. Moreover, it was his position in which he sat before the ceremony that has become premium meme fodder for the internet. The newest person to join the Bernie-meme bandwagon is Vidyut Jammwal.

The actor is known for his physique and action in films incorporated his body’s strength into the meme. The fit actor shared a photo on his Instagram account where he is skillfully balancing on a bottle of beer. He is lying horizontally in the air, one arm stretched forward like superman and his legs straight and stiff in the air. With his other hand, he holds up his entire body in levitation by carefully balancing his full body on a bottle kept on the ground. While the pose is impressive and proof of Vidyut’s excellent body strength, it is made funnier by the presence of Bernie. A carefree Bernie is photoshopped onto Vidyut’s thighs to make it look like Vidyut is lifting up the man on his behind.

In the caption he notes, "ME:HIM: Waiting for my beer and the balancing act to get over #berniememes #berniesanders (sic)."

Within two hours of posting, the photo has received over 3 lakh likes and thousands of comments.

“t first I thought k purana pic achanak firse post kia.. fir dekha koi baitha hua hai 😀😀😀😂😂😂♥️♥️” wrote one user and “Kuch zyada nhi ho gaya😅” joked another.

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Since the ceremony, people have been photoshopping Bernie’s image into various situations. Another celebrity to do so was Priyanka Chopra where she inserted tired Bernie in her family photos.