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This is the second consecutive year in a row that the Austrian capital has emerged on top of the list, after displacing Melbourne and relegating it to the second position in 2018. Known for its top-notch public transport system, Vienna scores 100 percent in stability, healthcare, and education. Where it loses out to its counterparts in the top ten isas in culture and environment, where it scores 96.3. Vienna has also been topping human resources consulting firm, Mercer's, livability index consistently, for a decade. Image credit: Image by andreas N from Pixabay

Vienna, Melbourne top two most liveable cities in the world: EIU report

Vienna has emerged as the most liveable city among the 140 cities surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). This year, three Australian cities (Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide), three Canadian cities (Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto) and two Japanese cities (Osaka and Tokyo) find themselves in the top 10 list.

Incidents that happened in 2018, such as the Easter Sunday bombings in Colombo and the anti-government gilets in Paris (25th position) have led to downgrading of both cities’ scores. While the deteriorating air quality in New Delhi (118th), Cairo (125th) and Dhaka (138th) also saw their scores downgraded.

Karachi (136th), Tripoli (137th), Dhaka (138th), and Lagos (139th) and Damascus (140th) were among the least liveable cities in the world.

Each year, the EIU rates 140 cities with scores out of 100, taking into account factors such as healthcare, stability, education, infrastructure, culture and environment, among others.

Here are the top 10 most liveable cities in the world, as per the EIU report.