Vikas Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin Get into Twitter War Over Aly Goni's 'Homophobic' Remarks

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Vikas Gupta, who is all set to re-enter Bigg Boss 14 for the second time, got into a Twitter spat with recently evicted contestant Jasmin Bhasin. Vikas and Jasmin engaged in a dispute over Aly Goni's alleged homophobic comments directed at the former, who is openly bisexual.

Vikas took to his Twitter account to share a clip from an episode of Bigg Boss 14 in which he said that Aly referred to him as 'Pavitra Bhabhi'. Vikas wrote, "Pavitra Bhai Ho Ya Pavitra Bhabhi Insaan Ho (It doesn't matter if you're a male or female, what matters is if you're a decent person). Disappointed to see that being called a woman is derogatory to these idiots. This clip showed people for who they really are. @AlyGoni Thank you for finding me beautiful & calling me a woman, it’s a compliment."

Jasmin immediately countered Vikas' tweet and wrote that Aly was not referring to Vikas but to another former contestant Pavitra Punia.

She wrote, "Either you actually misunderstood @AlyGoni or maybe you intentionally want to misunderstand him but just fyi he clearly said humari pavitra bhabhi because as you know @PavitraPunia_ was a contestant who has expressed her love for @KhanEijaz so it was for that Pavitra Bhabhi."

However, Vikas shared another clip wherein Aly appeared to use a slur directed at the former. Vikas further tweeted, "Pls watch this cause I don’t recall any cricket game being played on our new year party. It’s not about calling me names like #Chakka or the insensitivity but the fear of the same treatment to the younger LGBT community Thank you Jasmine for clearing Pavitra misunderstanding."

Aly earlier claimed on the show that Vikas had tried to stop his work several years ago when the former was not well-established in the industry. He also alleged that Vikas had tried to defame him and Jasmin by spreading "disgusting" rumours about them.