Vikas Gupta on self-isolation: Reconnect with people who truly mean something to you

Sana Farzeen
vikas gupta self isolation

Vikas Gupta confirmed that he is working on the next season of Class of 2020. (Photo: Vikas Gupta/Instagram)

Reality TV star and producer Vikas Gupta recently went live on The Indian Express Facebook page. The Bigg Boss 'mastermind' revealed what was keeping him busy during the self-isolation period. He also shared an intriguing story about himself.

Gupta started the conversation by asking his fans to stay at home and be safe from the coronavirus outbreak, “I am at home and you guys should also follow the same. It's a time where everyone needs to be safe. Even if one of us don't take care, everyone is put in danger. It's a serious pandemic and can affect anyone.”

Vikas Gupta shared that he doesn't believe it's literally self isolation as people have technology to keep them busy. “You can interact with your friends and family, just like I am doing with you all. It is also a good time to look around your house, and find things that we have long forgotten about. Be it your favourite book, blanket or toy. And most importantly, look inside and try to find more about yourself," Gupta said.

When someone asked him how should one keep themselves sane given we are used to social interaction, the Bigg Boss 11 finalist said, “We are not alone in this world. You should be thankful that we are getting this chance to reconnect with people. We are all usually so busy in our lives that we don't get time to speak to our school and college friends for years. Now is the time to connect with them again. Speak to your family, who you haven't been able to spend time with. It's time to remember all the people you have met, and reconnect with the ones, who truly mean something to you.”

Giving an exercise to his fans, the producer said, “I want everyone of you to write what you want from life in the next two years. It's really important for you to know your heart's desire and writing it down will really make it happen.”

Going down memory lane, Vikas Gupta shared an interesting story from his life. “There was a time when I had just Rs 2500 in my bank account. My brother Siddharth was studying in Dubai, and when he came home once, he gave me the book The Secret to read. It speaks about having a vision board, and gives an example of how a man managed to buy the same palatial house that he had put up on his board a few years back. When I started writing, in the monetary column, I randomly stated 1 crore, 18 lakh. It was an amazing thing that the following year, while discussing my finances with my accountant, I found out that I had earned exactly the same amount.”

He added, “Challenge yourself and find about things, you otherwise ignore. Think if you want this job, or really love the person you are with. Find out if your life is heading the way you want and then you can work towards changing it. This is the time to find yourself.”

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Giving a quick glimpse of his house, Vikas Gupta showed his huge collection of DVDs. “Most of these are not available even on the internet. I love South Asian films, so you will find a lot of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and even Iranian films here. Also, this is the corner where I also keep all my gifts that my Lost Souls send me."

In the Facebook live, Gupta even confirmed that he is working on the next season of Class of 2020.

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