Vikas Khanna on his Bigg Boss 13 visit: There’s something special about Sidharth Shukla

Sana Farzeen
chef vikas khanna in bigg boss 13

As part of the Quaker Oats Challenge, Vikas Khanna asked the contestants to whip up a delicious dish with oats. (Photo: Vikas Khanna/Twitter)

Bigg Boss 13 will open its doors to some celebrity guests in the coming episodes. While Haarsh Limbachiyaa and Paritosh Tripathi will enter the house to test the comic skills of the housemates, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna will judge them on their cooking abilities. Khanna, who shot for his part on Wednesday sounded excited about his stint in the reality show.

In an exclusive conversation with, Vikas Khanna shared his experience. “It was so much fun to be on the show. Initially, it was tough to discipline them, and I actually had to reprimand them for talking so much,” he said with a laugh.

As part of the Quaker Oats Challenge, the contestants were asked to whip up a delicious dish with oats. Impressed by their culinary skills, the chef said, “They were so amazing. I was surprised with their cutting skills, and how they used oats to make such delicious food. However, I still cannot get over the fact how much they all talk, even when I was instructing them around. Working in a strict kitchen environment, it was something new for me.”

Lauding the show for promoting healthy eating, the Michelin star chef said, “We come from a place where our grandmothers ran behind us to eat our food. But now with people so busy with their lives, everyone is just running around. It's heartbreaking to see that the first thing we sacrifice is our health. Our bodies are essential gifts from God, and one has to feed it with healthy food. I am so thankful to Bigg Boss, that it gave us this big platform to pass on the important message."

On being asked which contestant did he like on the show, Khanna said, “I think everyone is quite good but there's something really special about Sidharth Shukla. He is really strong and has the leadership to take charge. Even Shehnaaz Gill was very cute. But she spoiled my chef coat with lipstick marks by kissing it.”

Khanna, who is also seen as one of the judges in MasterChef India said that food shows have become quite important. "It's a revolution. Earlier, people did not even know what a chef is and today they are ambassadors of Indian culture. Apart from home cooks, the best part is that MasterChef India only deals with sacred cooking and not any kind of frivolous drama," he said.

“When I look back, in history, cooking was mostly done by slaves. And now to see people having so much respect for us, just feels really special. I was so proud that the Bigg Boss contestants were excited to welcome a chef as much as they are for any film star. The value of the industry is moving up and I hope we can push it further,” concluded chef Vikas Khanna.

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