Vikas Khoker Alleges Vikas Gupta Of Asking For Sexual Favours, Says 'If He Wants To Go Legal, I Am Ready For It But Will Also Reveal The Actor's Name Who Coordinated For Him'- EXCLUSIVE

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Reality show winner Vikas Khoker, recently alleged Vikas Gupta of asking sexual favours from him. In his interview to a section of media, Vikas Khoker said, "After winning the Roadies title in the year 2012, I was offered a lot of stuff by many people. Some of these people told me that if you compromise with us sexually, we will make you a star. And, Vikas Gupta was one of them. He approached me to fulfil his sexual desire. He called me at his Malad residence to give him a massage, citing body ache. Gupta asked me for pictures offering work in the industry which I sent but he demanded for the nudes instead. He told me he wanted to see my body and private parts."

However, yesterday Vikas Gupta took to social media to reply to the allegations made by him and Aly inside the Bigg Boss house and also said to go legal if the lies don't stop here. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14’s Vikas Gupta Reveals Parth Samthaan, Priyank Sharma And Vikas Khoker’s Accusation Are Lies; Asserts To Take Legal Action Against Them

Now, talking to us exclusively Vikas Khoker has reacted to the same and have also made some shocking revelations. ALSO READ: Vikas Khoker Who Alleged Vikas Gupta Called Him To His Malad House For A ‘Private Massage’ And Asked For Pics Of His ‘Private Parts’ Says, 'Don't Want To Talk, I Am Getting Married' - EXCLUSIVE

Khoker told, "Let him take a legal action. I am also ready to reply to him in the similar way if he wants. I had no intention to come out and speak about what he did to me because I am not very active in the industry and currently doing my own business. I had a event recently where media people came to promote and asked me why did I quit the industry? So I randomly replied to them that this incident happened with me and Vikas, after which I felt I can't be part of such an industry. I never said that I want to punish him or go legal but now when in his post he has mentioned that he wants to go legal, I am also ready to go legal and file a complaint. And in that complaint I will also mention that actor's name, who on behalf of Vikas, told me to send him pictures of my private parts. That actor is a very big face of Colors channel now. Agar chize legally hogi to main un sabka naam laaunga aage jinhone mujhe approach kiya tha saying ki Vikas ki ye demand hai agar tu karega to main teri meeting fix karatu hoon Vikas se."

He reveals, "After seeing my interview, one more person has reached out to me who has been a victim of him. He has shared screen grabs with me of Vikas where he called him to JW Marriot once and tried to misuse him. I am waiting for the right time to release those proofs. That person had to leave the industry because of him. Unfortunately, when he said all this to me I had no such brains that time to take grab of his conversations and keep. Although I have that message where he asked me to come home and asked to give him a massage in 2018. I know many of them in the industry who have faced all this from him."

Khoker added, "He is saying everybody is making false allegations on him but I want to ask, who is lying? Him or so many people together, Aly Goni, Parth Samthaan, Priyank Sharma and I?"

Vikas Gupta's penned notes read, "All this while I hadn’t taken any legal steps but now I realise that my forgiving nature has been taken as my weakness and also for granted. Not only am I going to prove all their accusations false with a SORRY but also make sure that the people who have dragged me into a mess with their fake accusations, controversies, either for publicity or sometimes even personal gains will now be answerable, legally.”

He signed off his note by saying that he is going to drop a video tomorrow and wrote ‘I am SORRY’. The note was backed with another long caption saying that coming out is the person’s personal choice as it is difficult in an environment where LGBT community feels hostile.

Image Source: Instagram/lostboyjourney/imvikaskhokkher

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