Vincent Wong Shares His Best Strategies On How To Make The Most Out Of Seminars And Networking Events

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Networking is a crucial part of doing business in the modern world. If you do it well, you can connect with exactly the right kind of people you need to meet to take your company to the next level.

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However, it is difficult to make the most of your networking opportunities. Thankfully, Vincent Wong, the respected property investor and co-founder of Wealth Dragons, is a veteran speaker and host at seminars and other events and he has the following sage advice to impart:

Do Your Research Before You Attend

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“It’s important to research the people behind the seminars so that you can invest in companies and products with confidence,” Vincent explains. “One way to do this is to look up reviews of previous events.”

While Vincent acknowledges it can be tricky to choose which events to attend, he believes many people over-complicate the decision-making process.

“When you’re deliberating, look at the quality of the presentations and see if they really and truly offer you information and skills that could benefit you,” Vincent advises. “And if you find a particular speaker and their subject matter interesting, go to a free event and listen for yourself.”

He continues, “Just feel it and make a decision. You’re not obligated to do anything at all. No one is being influenced to make any purchases at a seminar.”

Follow Up With The Contacts You Meet

“The contacts you make at events to give you greater access to human resource,” Vincent explains. “Everyone you meet is a potential collaborator, so you need to identify the ones who can help you the most.”

Vincent recommends dividing new contacts into categories, such as cash-rich investors, people who are time-rich but cash-poor, and potential business partners who offer skills you do not have.

“You don’t have to talk business with new contacts straight away,” Vincent says. “You can simply have a chat and get to know them first. I think people spend too much time using their phones to watch YouTube or go on social media. They forget that the phone is actually for communication and getting to know one another.”

Some connections you make at networking events will have a massive impact on your career, as Vincent knows from his own experience. “I met John Lee at a networking event,” he recalls. “He was a speaker and I was a VIP guest because I was a well-known property investor. We got to know each other and created businesses together. We took Wealth Dragons public. So you never know. Any person that you speak to could be a potential business partner.”

Invest In Courses That Interest You

“When you are choosing a course to learn something new, approach it with a positive mindset that enables you to gain as much knowledge as possible from a seminar or course,” Vincent advises.

“These courses only offer you education and nothing else. It’s down to you to make use of the information and knowledge you gain to do what you need to do to be successful.”

He continues, “However, you need to watch out for courses that make promises that you’re going to get rich or get rich quickly. I’ve been teaching for the past 12 years and I’ve never promised anything. If anything, I tell people that it’s about getting rich slowly and that it takes hard work and persistence.”

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