With Viral Dunia, Gaurav Dixit turning dreams into reality, marketeer turned Youtuber

Creativity has a connection with the mind and heart. It doesn’t come in unless we allow ourselves to remain free and make sure to function as our heart desires. It takes a lot to follow the same but some souls reach their destination. Struggling, fighting, learning they make sure to get to something which is meant to be a part of their life no matter how many hurdles are within. One such soul is Gaurav Dixit who knows how to take care of himself and make sure to guide himself along with the hurdles which came in his way of being a Youtuber and Digital marketer and his journey from same to a founder of Viral Mania. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs who was winning hearts through his Youtube channel but now.? well now he is one of the best among all. One who has been a part of a successful life whose struggles are just the memories of his eyes and a few close ones. He says, “Being a Youtuber or a Digital Marketer in a small town of Madhya Pradesh like Shivpuri was not easy. I was not even sure how well this will take me along. People used to laugh at me when they knew that this is what I plan to be after studies. They called my studies waste but for me, it was a means to understand what was truly expected by my heart. I gave all my time, all my energy to work towards what was needed and see today I am a verge of success where the same people are appreciating me and loving me for what I made out of myself. Well, only one thing is to learn from my story and this one thing will guide along all paths-

Follow your heart, let it play its part.

Something which is not accepted today will be the reason for your smile for every upcoming day.”

Viral Dunia was a means for Gaurav to make sure that the blogs too gain as much interest as are the videos. They must make people aware of the news which needs something called a virality and a stunning way to reach out to the public. All the entertainment, all the exposures that were provided by the Viral Dunia to the people was truly one chance of getting the attention of that large crowd which sat around and kept wasting time on things which were not worth. Gaurav wanted them to get along with the habit of reading. He started converting entertainment news through his team to words and gave a personal read to all. He made sure that what is presented as blogs can entertain him and this is what makes him different from all others. A blogger, who by his knowledge of Digital marketing and strong control over youtube channel, made sure to present people with the best of what they can ask for a reading.

The blogs presented and the idea was all through the mind of this Youtuber and his team who knew how things need to be performed and how the visual effects should be created out to words. A small touch of creativity and a bit of knowledge of the Youtuber, digital marketing and other kinds of stuff all this was needed to bring in knowledge of people through Viral Dunia and gain popularity.

Gaurav teammates consider him one of the most powerful leaders they have seen till today. For them even at mistakes, he used to pat them and motivate to work further and create new ideas to express in words what was needed for the Viral Dunia. He was always supportive of every single member and said, “One must know how to stay with the team because staying back and forward are both harmful in its way. It is a need for this generation bosses to understand that all are humans and we are meant to be treated with respect and care. It just needs a small control and a bit of motivation and all of it will be okay. Just a calmness of mind and one can have the assurance to see best.”

True is that calmness does bring in the assurance of level which is more powerful than the chaotic success. One must try to follow Gaurav’s words and make sure to be a part of life where are treated equal, irrespective of anything.

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