Through Viral Dunia, Yashvardhan Sharma is stepping stone to success


In the time of growing competition, people stop. They fear what they hear. They stop trusting their potential and become a part of the run which leads them nowhere. They become a part of a group, a place, where there is a lack of confidence and there, it all goes wrong. A simple mistake keeps such people within the 4 walls of their self-made life. On the other hand, there comes the group which chooses to make their path and create a life which is worth every minute of their spend. One such growing personality is Yashvardhan Sharma, who by his hard work and creativity brought life to his dreams. He created a world of Viral Dunia which aimed to provide the news of varied sectors. A blog which became a word for trust and served the society by all means.

In one place where his blogs covered the mind and heart of the crowd, he took his opportunity to grow further and took the lead of his Youtube channel. He brought in many changes therein and soon the results were right in front. Millions and millions of likes with every upload. People not just watched, they even spread the news and this is what Yashvardhan took advantage of. He began slowly and let it all get covered by the flow. He made something which was unexpected by his parents and close ones who considered “Degree as the growing means of achieving something.” Well, they might be surprised but Yashvardhan, he was not. He knew his hard efforts will pay off and this is what was done. He was getting paid for every second he spent on making his life. With every success he received, he was motivated to get more.

Yashvardhan says, “it was no big deal to create such a name. The main effort started when there came the part of maintaining it. This is where I saw the main hurdles and competitors too. They took advantage of every bit of downfall but I trusted myself. I knew no matter how far this goes, in the end, they are they and I am me. I know not to compete for coz I either walk together or beat. I aimed for the same and started working every day. crossed all of the hurdles and here I stand at a young age of 18, who created something truly a wonder out of life.”

His idea of walking together was of course not a part of everyone’s plate and this is how he was distinguished among others and stood tight. A person who started his life from a small town of Madhya Pradesh named Shivpuri now was known all over by his name and Viral Dunia. He became an ideal for all those students who were planning to step in shoes of a new place and new life.
Yashvardhan became an influencer and started receiving questions from people all around. Answering all their queries, this young heart became a saviour for them. He says, “for all those DM I received by all, I just said, my success was a all because of my fall. The no. of times I tried, the no. of times I gave up, all those stories should be asked upon instead of talking on knowing my success stories. For me, failure is worth teaching about than success, after all this is where people get to know where at the very first place the other one lacked behind. This will create more ideas and finally a life worth a start for them too.”

Life is never the same for all and Yashvardhan is one example for the same. His sayings are true because what he struggled for might not be a burden for others. So, why look after success stories when people can ask about failures and learn from mistakes. A start of a successful idea always comes with failure. Never ignore them.

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