This viral ‘honest’ Indian wedding card has people laughing out loud

From date to direction, the comedian highlighted everything we all feel but never include in actual wedding invitation cards. (Source: Akshar Pathak/ Instagram)

A comedian's 'honest' wedding card has taken social media by storm and Indians couldn't stop laughing about it. Poking fun at the prominent clichés in any North Indian wedding, the spoof invitation captures many aspects of an Indian wedding, from highlighting a family name to extravagant and senseless expenditure.

The parody invite created by popular comedian Akshar Pathak, talks about a wedding between "Sharma ji ka ladka" and "Verma ji ki ladki" and takes a jibe at the craze of wedding hashtags, which in this case is #ShaVerma.

The hilarious card starts with "Humne kitna kharcha kiya, just look at this extravagant wedding card, Ambani se kam nahi hai hum (See how much we have spent, just look at this extravagant wedding card, we are no less than Ambani)", and then goes on to list the date and highlight the problems with the venue.

The postscript was also something many could relate with: "No gifts please, give cash only. Hum 18 juicer mixer grinder ka kya karenge (What will we do with 18 juicer mixer grinders?)".

Here's the card that is going viral across social media sites.

As the post went viral, it started a laugh riot online and people said it was incredibly accurate. Many listed things that the comedian had missed or should have added to the card to make it even better. Some suggested that the menu for the reception could have been added, while others said Amrish Puri and SRK's 'aao aao' meme from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge should have been added.