Viral Video: Moments after falling from 9th floor, woman in Russia gets up and walks away

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"Maybe she's an alien...," wrote a user while commenting on the viral video.

A viral video showing a woman falling from a tall tower into a snowdrift before getting up and walking away has left netizens shocked, with many calling her an "alien".

The 32-second clip, which has now gone viral on several social media platforms, features the 27-year-old somersaulting multiple times after falling from the 9th floor of the building in Izluchinskand and landing on a pile of snow below, stated a DailyMail report. However, moments later she can be seen getting up and calmly walking away.

Watch the video here:

Viewed over 15,000 times, the video has prompted several reactions online with many expressing shock and amusement over the woman's response after the fall.