Viral video: Woman nearly falls out of train as thief snatches purse

Thanks to vigilant co-passengers the woman was saved from falling off the moving coach.

A video of a thief snatching a woman's purse from a moving train, and almost pulling her off it, is going viral.

In the CCTV camera footage that is doing the rounds of social media, a man is seen climbing to the door of the train to grab a woman passenger's purse. The woman almost falls off the train due to the purse being tugged, but is pulled back in by a co-passenger. The thief escapes with the bag.

The user who shared the video on Twitter claimed that the incident took place on the Indrayani Express just outside Mumbai in the Mumbra tunnel. Tagging multiple official Twitter handles, the man claimed that it was a risk commuters faced every day.

However, Central Railways replied to the tweet saying the footage isn't from the mentioned train or from Mumbai. The handle also listed the reasons why it couldn't have been taken from that particular train.

The handle pointed out that the arrival time of the train didn't match the timestamp of the video and that the coaches of the train have no CCTV camera. The handle also said police authorities had not received any complaint regarding this incident.

Others argued on social media that railway authorities should find out where the incident did take place and take action: