With ViralMania, Rohitash Jadhav turning dreams into reality, marketeer turned Youtuber

Viral Mania, one lead start by Rohitash Jadhav is something which connects the world to amazing facts. How cool is the name and how proper is its fame? Viral Mania, a name which when divided into two lead us to-“Viral” which means something that spreads wider and “Mania” another word for a desire or an obsession.

Yes, this is what is being done on the page of “Viral Mania”. A desire or obsession with amazing facts and news that needs to be known or spread among the public is getting viral through this platform. How many times have a person thought about the existing fact and reason behind a thing? Well, we do but we don’t try or amidst what we don’t have time for, we ignore. Rohitash, a Digital Marketer was well aware of this need due to his daily dealings with clients. He knew that there exists a place for such virality for the public at large and he came upon with the idea of a name which might define its cause. “Viral Mania” a slow start made by Rohitash brought him to opportunities which one by one became stepping stone for his foundation.

He was also called upon to be a part of varied events among which was “Narayani Namah” conducted with the purpose to show women empowerment. His marketing team considers him a great influencer as Rohitash has always been supportive of the Women’s in his Marketing company who occupy space among men’s in a greater ratio. Well, every effort counts and none remain unnoticed and neither was his. Kamal Nath, the current CM of Madhya Pradesh who was looking towards his initiatives taken for all recognized him and his work. He was rewarded by the CM for an overall enrichment and improvement, which was a start through his Maniac head which wanted to create, learn, absorb and then produce means for encouragement.

His idea was good and so was the start. Slow but being a Digital Marketer he soon created by his name a platform wherein he got opportunities to work with recognized leaders including the MP’s and MLAs. He helped their campaign strategies to become a success by making the people aware of the real ones. His page on today’s date handles varied recognized e-commerce portals. Not only this, but he also has created a big name by his Youtube channel “Viral Mania” writer and creator dedicated to amazing facts and his Facebook page with the name of “Viral Mania”. He and his company have even worked with lots of Celebrities whose pages or work have received a million and more views within 24 hours. He got their content receives views which were needed to be reached out to the public.

Fulfilling all the needs and demand from the general public to politicians and the Celebrities, the Viral Mania and the Facebook page of Amazing facts and Entertainment have created a name. Not only the page but also the owner have received varied titles among which are a Digital Marketer, a Youtuber and an Influencer who tries to make the public aware about even a small charge is taken by a person to create a change or be a part of same. Taking lead of Digital market, Rohitash took hold of Social Medias too and became one name who hacked the Virality on Youtube and Facebook by all truth. All facts and figures together with the reasons for their existence. Who might have thought as such? Well, he did and evolved to be a great participator of same.